Decolonizing Ecology Futures
Timeframe: each first academic semester (ongoing)
In the context of the ecological crisis, non-western narratives have emerged as innovative and inspirational perspectives when thinking about current global issues. However, those narratives carry the risk to be subalternalized, extractivized and culturally appropriated by the hegemonic western perspective. The course Decolonizing Ecological Futures aims to raise and design a decolonized inter-cultural dialogue.
Image by Xandra van der Eijk

This module was developed in collaboration with Xandra van der Eijk and Milton Almonacid and me. 

Students are required to theoretically understand, analyse and scrutinize Western hegemonic processes, white privilege and prejudice. Tools are given to think-feel in non-dualistic ways, and assignments are given to write and create artistic expressions of individual and collective findings and outcomes.
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